About Us

Shawn has been fishing his whole life. Several years ago, he was disabled and started to have increasing difficulty managing his fishing tackle. Fishing vests were no longer a good option as the weight can become a literal pain in the neck, while bending over a tackle box strains the back. He began to think of ways that he could continue to enjoy his favorite sport and also make handling small items easier for everyone, leading to the development of Little Tackle. Little Tackle is a lightweight, convenient solution to make in-stream fishing easier, keeping your lures and sinkers on hand mid-stream without the hassle of an overloaded fishing vest.

 Since developing the initial design, the Little Tackle team has found many alternative uses for this handy device, from keeping pills and vitamins separate and contained, to securely storing loose change and small jewelry, to providing a portable container for earbuds, first aid kits and more.